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Anstoy was founded in 2019. We are outdoor gel blasters experts and innovators of creative and funny toys for entertainment, team gaming, and cosplay.
Anstoy is the global leader in toy technology. This includes gel blasters, cosplay tools, and our best-selling portable mini manual Glock. Anstoy is pioneering Fun Delivery technology to elevate the spirit of outdoor activities, team gaming, parties, and events in a more interactive way.


We are a toy company (Anstoy), a factory of hundreds of people, creators of creative toys for young and old alike. Our goal is to bring laughter and exciting play to everyone. We believe that children and adults alike can learn through the experience of team play. Team games are not only fun, but they are vital to the development of team member interaction, teamwork, tactics and social skills. At Anstoy, we keep in mind that it is our imaginations that strike the most in our lives when we play with family, friends or coworkers to keep the digital age away from electronics.

Anstoy Mission

"Bring laughs and exciting games to everyone"


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Tel :+213 249 8050
Email :shopify@anstoy.com


Why Choose Anstoy splat gun

Research has shown that playing games with children is an excellent way to interact with them and build a stronger relationship. It also helps children develop social and communication skills, problem-solving abilities, and creativity.

Team games and activities are an excellent way to improve children's collaborative skills and promote teamwork.Children became more engaged, focused, and collaborative during playtime.